Organon: a brand new company with a century of experience

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December 3, 2021 6:21 am EDT

OSS – Almost one hundred years ago, in 1923, Salomon (Saal) van Zwanenberg founded NV Organon in the town of Oss in the Dutch province of North Brabant. Organon was the first company in Europe to market a substance as an effective medicine for treating diabetes. Over the years, an extensive selection of hormone-based drugs followed, including the contraceptive pill, introduced in 1962, which is probably the best known. Thanks to this product, Organon became a world player in the pharmaceutical industry and an important economic driver for the region.

As you walk through the grounds at Organon’s site almost a century later, you still see much that reminds you of the company’s former glory, in addition to new buildings. That tradition is often just skin-deep: hyper-modern laboratories and production facilities nestle behind the dark brown brick façades and stained-glass windows. Wenny Raaijmakers, the current site manager of Organon Oss, is proud of the organization’s rich legacy. “But the new Organon really is a very different company,” she says.

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