Environmental, social & governance

We aim to advance the health of women around the world.

We believe that by advancing the health of women, we help advance the health of society

Our company is designed based on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. Our core reason for being is inextricably linked to these ESG priorities. We focus on the material issues that matter most to our stakeholders, our business, and most importantly, women around the world.

Access to our medicines

We work tirelessly to improve women’s health around the world. We believe that our focus on women begins with listening to their needs, big and small, as we design medicines specifically with them in mind. Our goal is to find ways to expand access to our products to ensure more women and their families have reliable access to the medicines they need.

Diversity, equality & inclusion

Diversity, equality and inclusion are essential to who we are and everything we do. However, progress toward gender equity has been hesitant and halting. Given its importance to a healthy society, we aim to advance gender equity in our workforce and in the world. Organon’s policies and collaborations recognise and prioritise actions that help us make meaningful progress toward our goals.

Environmental stewardship

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change notes that women face higher risks and experience a greater burden of climate change impacts. It follows then that a healthy planet means a healthier world, especially for women.

Wind Turbines

Carbon Reduction Plan 2023

Organon Pharma (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of Organon & Co., commits to achieving Net Zero emissions in the UK by 2050.

For further information on our carbon reduction commitments in the UK, you can access our 2023 carbon reduction plan via the link below.

Our vision, mission & values

We envision a better and healthier every day for every woman.