Her Promise. Her Future.

June 2, 2022

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The decision of when—and whether—to start a family is one of the most important choices a woman can make.

However, nearly half of all pregnancies worldwide – about 121 million in total – are unintended. According to a 2019 study, an estimated 218 million women and girls (ages 15-49) in low-and-middle income countries had an unmet need for modern contraception.

Organon is aiming to expand access to family planning options to address this global need. Through our Her Promise Access Initiative, we work with organizations around the world to provide education, training and access to affordable contraceptive options in 69 of the world’s least developed countries.

By working to expand access and address gender-related disparities in health, Organon aims to build a more sustainable future for women, families, economies and societies.

Together with collaborators around the world, we aim to provide education, training, and improved access to family planning options.