Four in ten women are considering a contraceptive method other than ‘the pill’

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June 30, 2022 10:06 am EDT

BRUSSELS – The contraceptive pill is the best known and also the most used contraceptive in Belgium and the Netherlands.(1,2) However, many women are thinking about switching to another method, especially women currently using birth control pill.(3) This is evident from a study that healthcare company Organon has commissioned among 2,000 women by research agency IPSOS.

When it comes to contraceptive methods (and other types of protection) the methods to choose from are increasing, but most women between the ages of 18 and 44 in Belgium and the Netherlands mainly use oral contraception, followed by the condom.(2) The IPSOS study shows that 4 out of 10 women consider using another contraception method in the future, especially women who are currently using the contraceptive pill.3) These women prefer long-acting reversible contraception, according to the majority of women in question.(4)

A method that was the best solution at the initial stage no longer has to be the way a few years later. In an issue of Topic Talks gynecologist and director of Ellesie, Els van Doorn, emphasizes that continuing on autopilot is not always the best way to go. “Investigate together with your healthcare provider whether your contraceptive method is still the right one. Many women don’t think about it enough, but with the right birth control you can improve your quality of life and feel happier. (5)

“In the choice (of contraception), the woman is leading,” emphasizes gynecologist Annette ter Haar, also in Topic Talks. “Some women are opposed to oral contraception but open to other forms of birth control.” (6)

It is important that women receive sufficient and correct information to be able to make their choice properly. They can always contact a healthcare professional: women in the Netherlands and Belgium usually select a contraceptive method after consultation with their general practitioner (especially in the Netherlands) or gynecologist (in Belgium). (7)  In addition, information from independent websites can be useful in decision making, such as:

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