Our suppliers

We strive to work with partners and innovators focused on making a world of difference for women, their families and their communities.

We aim to expand women’s health offerings through diversity, equity, and inclusion

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What we purchase

When we purchase goods and services, we seek the best total value for efficiency and productivity.

Product service area


Direct Materials

  • Active pharmaceutical Ingredients and raw materials
  • Drug products
  • Excipients 
  • Packaging materials
  • Devices and components
  • Contract manufacturing services
  • Production materials, packaging toll

Capital procurement

  • Capital Equipment
  • Engineering & construction services
  • Environmental & waste management
  • Industrial maintenance


  • Fuels and utilities

Professional services

  • Human resources – benefits & training
  • Finance, banking & corporate insurance

Site & commercial services

  • Site services
  • Travel & transportation
  • Meeting & event planning
  • Administrative spend
  • Logistics & associated services
  • Fleet
  • MRO

IT procurement

  • IT procurement                                                   
  • Information technology & services

Global marketing services

  • Media management

Research procurement

  • Labs supplies, chemicals
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Clinical



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