Petra Willems

Managing Director Organon Benelux

Petra acts as Managing Director for Organon Benelux. Petra is an experienced business leader with a long and successful 30-year track record in MSD across many therapeutic areas. Over the years she has held various roles with increasing responsibilities. The last ten years she has been part of the MSD Human Health Management Team in The Netherlands, serving in 5 different Director roles, among others as Director Primary Care, Director Immunology & Vaccines and Director External Affairs.

As a leader, Petra is known for her inclusive, decisive and people-oriented leadership style, dedicated to delivering business results while developing people. Connecting people and organizations, helping them to build, improve and grow, are vital ingredients in Petra’s leadership approach. Next to that, Petra has always been intrinsically motivated to contribute to the health and well-being of women and children around the world, also in her charity work. Petra holds a MSc degree for both Phonetics and Medicines from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.