Our policies and positions

We openly and transparently share our policies and positions to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

We strive to conduct our business responsibly for all

We support policies that elevate the interests of women and patients, improve public health, and promote access to medicines and healthcare solutions. We develop policy positions in areas connected to our vision and mission and aspire to collaborate with those who share our passion for improving the lives of women and their families.

Public policy areas

Wellbeing of women

We seek to advance gender equity in our company and the world. When we advance women’s well-being, we improve her life but also the lives of her family and community too.

Access to healthcare

We work to enable people to live their best lives around the world by delivering innovative health solutions – and ensuring they are accessible to the patients who need them.

Innovation in healthcare

Innovation is our heritage. We support policies that promote innovation within the healthcare ecosystem for the benefits of patients.

Public health

We aim to play an active role in helping to address many of the public health issues of our world today, such as the growing burden of non-communicable diseases and the environment.

Transparency & Integrity

Our unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity reflects who we are, that’s why we transparently engage and share our views on many legal and regulatory issues related to our industry.

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Date of last revision: January 11, 2024