Organon invests 40 million euros in expansion of production

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April 12, 2022 6:35 am EDT

OSS – Organon is going to significantly expand the production of long-acting contraception in the Netherlands again. The name Organon officially returned last year and since then the company has entered into various collaborations and acquisitions worldwide to expand its portfolio of medicines and other health solutions. In order to be able to meet the promise that the company made at the start last year: improving the health of women. This is followed by substantial investments in Organon’s largest production site in the world, in Oss.

At the start of Organon in June 2021, it was already clear that the ‘birthplace’ Oss will continue to play an important role in the new company. In Oss, Organon has a rich history in the production of contraception, high-quality innovative technology and a huge distribution network for reliable and continuous delivery to 140 countries in the world. 1,150 of Organon’s more than 9,000 employees worldwide work here. The production facility in Oss is the largest of the six worldwide and will expand again.

In 2021, a new robot production line for assembly and packaging of contraceptive rods was already put into operation. There is approval now to invest in another robot production line, but also for other innovations. Wenny Raaijmakers (Plant Manager Organon Oss, location director) explains: “The intention is to start using this line within three years. Organon Oss is also investing in new extrusion machines with which the contraceptive rods are made and which will increase the supply to the robot lines.”

“We are also going to invest in an extra automated packaging line with which the end product is packed in a box with leaflet. After that, the end product can be delivered to doctors and pharmacists worldwide,” says Wenny Raaijmakers. “And in order to cope with the larger production volumes, logistics routes in the production building are also being adapted and systems for IT and quality control are being improved.”
In order to make room in the current building (behind the now well-known mural) for expansion of the production of the contraceptive rod, the production of the contraceptive ring will be concentrated in the relatively new building ‘CP’. Wenny: “With an ongoing investment, two modernized machine lines will be located there.
All these improvement programs and investments contribute to deliver on the promise of women’s health in the short and long term.” Altogether, Organon is investing approximately 40 million euros in expanding production in Oss.

Family planning

The production facility in Oss is the only location in the world where Organon produces contraceptives. From this location, a dedicated team also works specifically on the guidance and logistics for family planning, especially in Africa and Asia. The use of a product such as the pill is less obvious in these countries. Long-acting contraception may be a solution for women in remote areas who often have to walk for hours to the nearest clinic. Good contacts with global organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been playing an important role for many years in making long-acting contraception more available, especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


At the start in June 2021, Organon made a promise: listening to women worldwide to better understand their health needs and identify solutions that are urgently needed. Petra Willems, Managing Director of Organon Benelux: “There is a need to address diseases and conditions that only or disproportionately impact women. Our impact will go beyond medicine, contraception and fertility treatments. We know we can do so much more for women and their health. “