Our focus

Our mission is to deliver impactful medicines and solutions for a healthier every day.

Areas of focus

Our three key areas

Our three pillars — women’s health, biosimilars and established medicines — are the foundation for how we strive to achieve our vision to create a better and healthier every day. We work to provide medicines and other products that help address a wide array of conditions and diseases that women and their loved one’s face. Our hope is to give people more choice throughout their lives.

Women’s health

Organon’s mission is to listen to women and, in doing so, better focus on their specific needs. Organon has laid the groundwork for women’s health with contraception, fertility treatments, and medicines to help ease menopause symptoms.

We believe that women are the foundation to a healthier world

Organon has an important women’s health base in the Benelux. For example, our fertility and menopause portfolio has been developed in collaboration with research teams in Belgium. In addition, all contraceptives and fertility treatments for the global market have long been produced in Oss, the Netherlands.

With our dynamic ‘search & development strategy’, we bring innovation in-house and give startups the scale and network they need to reach as many women as possible. Through our partnerships we are continuously investing in conditions such as endometriosis, preterm labor and post-partum bleeding, and are exploring innovative, non-hormonal contraceptive routes.


Bringing important medicines to patients in need

Biosimilars are biologic medicines. Health authorities have rated these as being clinically equivalent to their already approved “originators”. A biosimilar must be demonstrably similar to the biologic original – meaning that, compared to the biologic original, there may be no clinically relevant differences in terms of safety, purity, and potency.

Organon invests in biosimilars worldwide, aiming to contribute to reducing healthcare costs, and giving more people access to biologic therapies. In the Benelux, Organon has made a biosimilar available that is being used in the treatment of breast cancer.

Established medicines

Providing a range of medicines across diseases and conditions

Our established medicines have been available for patients for a long time and are prescribed within a broad range of therapeutic areas, such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, pain management, and more. We are committed to keeping these brands available to those who depend on them.

Also in these therapeutic areas, there is a lot to be gained for women. Many conditions and therapies have been studied more extensively in men, affect women differently, and should be treated differently. Organon is committed to closing the (knowledge) gap in women’s health in the broadest sense. Organon’s production site in Heist-op-den-Berg [Belgium] is a major producer and packager of our established brands.

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