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Introducing Organon: It's Time to Put the Spotlight on Women's Health

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  • Organon is here to work with you on a critical quest — improving women’s health.

We recognize that, despite some advances, few healthcare interventions adequately address the many significant unmet needs that women face. We believe this lack of innovation is not acceptable.


Just 4% of all healthcare research and development is focused on women's health issues, and women remain under-represented in nearly all clinical trials.(i)


There are only 9 drugs that have ever been FDA approved and marketed in the United States for obstetrical indications, and two are no longer marketed.(ii)


No other specialty in medicine has such a short list of drug approvals with so few indications.(ii)

That's why Organon is here.

Her Plan is Her Power progress report

We’ve launched Her Plan is Her Power and published our first-year progress report showcasing the tangible steps we’re taking, together with partners, toward our goal of reducing unplanned pregnancies and creating a healthier future for her.

Women's health innovation

Investing in innovation

Organon is fearless in our commitment to deliver innovation, improve access, and expand choice by finding and advancing potential solutions that help address critical gaps in women’s health.

Since our inception in June of 2021, we have broadened our women’s health areas of focus from three – contraception, fertility, and breast cancer – to eight, with the addition of postpartum hemorrhage, preterm labor, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and bacterial vaginosis.

Women voicing their unmet healthcare needs

Listening to the needs of women

Organon formed through a spin-off from Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA, in June of 2021 as a purpose-driven company dedicated to creating a better and healthier every day for every woman. We launched with a promise to listen to women because we believe health begins when we hear her. From day one we have asked women to share with us what they believe are the most overlooked areas in women’s healthcare. We received hundreds of responses and are using them to help inform how we might better address her health needs.

We are committed to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and research to create the kind of momentum we need to close health-related gender disparities — and change the equation for women’s health research.

Organon partnership with healthcare providers

You are a critical part of this, and Organon is here to work with you to help better support your patients.

Together, we can collaborate on the solutions women deserve to improve her health and thereby create a healthier world for everyone.

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