HER Professional Journey

At Organon, we are simultaneously here for HER health and here for HER career. That’s why we have launched HER Professional Journey, our new career program that addresses the unique health experiences that women face and aims to reshape the current corporate landscape women must navigate in the workplace.

The health experiences faced by women

Women continue to face a unique set of barriers in the workplace due to life events that can limit their progression, curb their potential and even cause some to leave the workforce entirely.1,2 At Organon, we believe this is a loss for women and their careers, a loss for companies who miss out on talent and innovation, and a loss for society and the economy. 2,3,4

We are committed to addressing this issue head-on.

Our commitment

At Organon Canada, we are working to create a healthier future for women and their families.

We believe it’s crucial for our organization to proactively remove barriers hindering women’s career advancement and provide the foundation for them to advocate for their personal and professional development.



Here for HER Health, Here for HER Career

HER Professional Journey is Organon’s new career program that addresses the unique health experiences that women face and aims to reshape the current corporate landscape for women to create a work environment that supports their career progression, unique health experiences and life events such as menstruation, family planning, pregnancy loss, fertility, maternity and menopause.

Through HER Professional Journey, we offer flexible work arrangements, customized leave policies, women’s health mentorships, a dedicated wellness room, education and awareness initiatives to ensure they receive the support they need.

Not only is investing in women’s careers the right thing to do, Organon Canada believes that keeping women in the workplace is also good for business. Studies have shown that greater female representation in senior leadership is associated with improved financial performance, increased social responsibility, and more openness to change.5,6  

Aspiring to achieve a paradigm shift in Canada

HER Professional Journey represents more than just a program; it’s a paradigm shift in most company’s corporate cultures. It underscores the importance of organizations, managers, and employees, in supporting women’s professional development while removing  barriers related to unique health experiences that might prevent them from achieving their full career aspirations.

Fostering change in Canada

While we work to enhance our own workplace, we are also proud to continue investing in a range of programs and grants that increase awareness of women’s health to help close persistent care gaps in Canada.  We have established new dedicated funding for unrestricted and independent grants that will focus on menopause education for healthcare practitioners in Canada.

Since the Women’s Health Initiative study was published in 2002, an estimated 41% of medical schools do not include menopause education in their undergraduate curriculum.7

Given the Menopause Foundation of Canada estimates that one in four women suffer severe menopausal symptoms, Organon sees increased education to healthcare professionals as a key stepping stone to encourage more effective management of this phase of a woman’s life.8

More information on this initiative will be announced at a later date.

HER Health, HER Career, HER Now.



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