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Organon Canada’s Voluntary Disclosure of Payments to HCPs and HCOs

At Organon Canada, we believe in a better and healthier every day for everyone, with a focus on women.

To help achieve this goal, we collaborate with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and with Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) who are considered experts or thought leaders in their field. We believe that HCPs and HCOs should be reasonably compensated for their time in helping improve women’s health and healthcare in Canada.

Committed to transparency

Although there is no local legislation in Canada for life sciences companies to disclose payments made to HCPs or to HCOs, Organon Canada is voluntarily disclosing its aggregate payments made.

The “Voluntary Framework on Disclosure” was developed by Innovative Medicines Canada and includes:

  • One sum total of the company’s payments to HCPs for services such as speaking and/or consulting (payments exclude applicable taxes).
  • One sum total of the company’s funding to HCOs, which supports efforts such as philanthropic (charitable), educational and/or scientific activities (payments exclude applicable taxes; payments to patient associations included).
  • One sum total of the company’s funds provided to HCPs to support their travel to attend international congresses and/or global standalone meetings (payments exclude applicable taxes, and international air travel only).

January 1, 2022 – Dec. 31, 2022:


Payments to
HCPs for services


Company’s funding to HCOs


Sponsorship for HCP travel

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The three criteria were taken directly from IMC’s website: