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September 26, 2023

On World Contraception Day, Organon Canada Declares Support for Universal Access to Contraception in Canada

With nearly half of all pregnancies unintended in Canada, all sectors must work together to help tackle this public health issue

Kirkland, Quebec, September 26, 2023  – Organon Canada, a subsidiary of Organon (NYSE: OGN), a global healthcare company with a focus on women’s health, is declaring its support for universal access to contraception in Canada. In recognition of World Contraception Day on September 26, the company is joining a growing number of local organizations advocating for improved and equitable contraceptive access, education, and support for women in Canada and around the world.

Nearly 50 per cent of pregnancies are unintended in Canada, representing a significant health crisis that has rippling effects across education and employment outcomes through generations.1,2 Universal access to contraception allows women to choose if and when to have children and how many children to have, reduces the number of high-risk or unintended pregnancies, and improves social and economic outcomes for women.3

“At Organon Canada, we are united in our mission to create a healthier world for women; one where women can make the decisions that are right for them in addressing their unique health needs and planning for their future,” says Michael Casia, President and Managing Director at Organon Canada. “When implemented correctly, universal contraception coverage represents an important step on this journey, and Organon Canada is proud to be adding its voice to the growing movement advocating for universal contraception in Canada.”

Streamlining access to contraception in Canada

Findings from a recent global report show that access to modern, effective and affordable contraception differs from province to province in Canada. In fact, only 46 per cent of Canadian provinces and territories provide some form of financial contraception coverage for all or most of their population.4 The reality of this can be seen in the recently released Global Contraception Policy Atlas, which investigates how public authorities perform in access to contraceptive supplies, family planning counseling, and online information on contraception in six regions, including Canada.

“No matter where you live, what job you have, or what’s in your bank account, you should have the ability to choose whether, when and with whom you have children. Access to a wide variety of contraceptive options is critical in people’s ability to make those choices,” says Insiya Mankani, Public Affairs Officer, Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights and Project Coordinator for the Canadian region of the Contraception Policy Atlas.

Unmet need for modern contraceptive methods

Making the decision to have children is one of the most important decisions a woman can make, and yet, many do not have access to the resources to help them make this choice on their terms. An estimated 162.9 million women have an unmet need for modern contraceptive methods, one of the many challenges that women face in managing their reproductive health and the timing and spacing of pregnancies.5

As the only company of its size dedicated to women’s health, Organon is well positioned to address this complex issue. Organon has committed to preventing 120 million unplanned pregnancies by 2030 through the Her Plan is Her Power initiative, with one initiative already helping to prevent 57 million unplanned pregnancies worldwide. Progress to date on our global commitment can be found here. In Canada, the company recently launched a point of care program helping marginalized populations gain access to a long-acting contraception.

In addition to universal access to contraception, Organon Canada is a firm believer that education, awareness, and resources are key pillars to help reduce unintended pregnancies. As such, on World Contraception Day 2023, the company launched new content on birth control options that can be accessed online at:    

About Organon

Organon is a global healthcare company with a focus on improving the health of women throughout their lives. Organon has a portfolio of more than 60 medicines and products across a range of therapeutic areas. Led by the women’s health portfolio coupled with an expanding biosimilars business and stable franchise of established medicines, Organon’s products produce strong cash flows that will support investments in innovation and future growth opportunities in women’s health. In addition, Organon is pursuing opportunities to collaborate with biopharmaceutical innovators looking to commercialize their products by leveraging its scale and presence in fast growing international markets. Organon has a global footprint with significant scale and geographic reach, world-class commercial capabilities, and approximately 10,000 employees with headquarters located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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