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With over 60 medicines and therapies, we contribute to the health and well-being of people in more than 140 countries around the world.

Our Focus

Three areas of focus form the strong pillars of the new Organon company

Organon relies on a foundation of more than 60 well-known products spanning a broad range of indications, including reproductive medicine, contraception, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, allergies, and asthma. Every day, we are committed to a healthier future for women as well as for their families, partners, and friends. Our focus areas of women’s health, biosimilars, and established products are the strong pillars that constitute our company.

What We Understand:

Good medical care for women must be specific to women.

As experts we want to help fill knowledge gaps, as researchers we want to provide tailored therapies, and as partners we want to advocate for women’s health at all levels of society.

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Women's Health

Women’s health plays a key role for us because we have recognized that women are the key to a healthier world, but their very own health concerns have too often been ignored. We want to change that. We want to develop therapies and treatments that are specifically tailored to the needs of women.

The prerequisite for this is to know what these needs are as precisely as possible. With ten established products for women, we are already one of the big players in this sector. This is precisely why we know that to truly understand women’s health concerns, we need to listen to them carefully. This is both our concern and our obligation.

What does “women’s health” actually mean?

There is no doubt: women are in a league of their own

Simply because of their ability to have children, women are affected by different diseases than men. Later in their lives, they go through a profound change in hormone balance due to menopause, which affects the entire female physique and psyche. For this fundamental reason, women have always needed specialists and special therapies.

However, women not only have their “own” diseases per se – in fact, women present with specific symptoms and prognoses in disease that are not gender-specific. One example is that of a heart attack, in which it has been observed that women present with atypical symptoms that result in the diagnosis being made rarely or very late. Not knowing these differences can have fatal consequences.

Therapies may also cause different reactions in women

Due to their different physical constitution and their specific metabolism, drug interventions in particular must be geared toward women more strongly than previously. Fortunately, this realization has been increasingly gaining acceptance for many years now, both in the realm of drug research and in everyday medical care.

After all, women lead different lives

For example, women eat a more balanced diet, but tend to exercise less and also work predominantly in other professions than men. These different working and living conditions are currently coming increasingly into the focus of medical science – again with the goal of providing women with better healthcare than before.

And to what extent do women form the backbone of a healthy society?

Women have a central role in healthcare: They are the level and fulcrum when it comes to maintaining awareness about the health of children, partners, and parents. Above all, they are the ones who pay attention to their loved ones’ symptoms, keep track of preventive care appointments and manage the family’s overall health. They step into the role of “family managers” in a real way, but at the same time they have a greater awareness of the need for preventive healthcare. This can be considered to be a gender-specific advantage that has immense benefit in industrialized countries, and can even be necessary for survival in developing countries.

For the women themselves, however, this important additional social function also contributes to a generally higher stress level. The fact that responsibility can result in a health-averse burden must be taken into account, especially in times of a global pandemic. This is because, once again, it is primarily women who, as family managers, are the masters of enormous organizational challenges, and not infrequently shoulder most of the burden of the crisis.

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Today, reproductive medicine is able to fulfill the desire of many couples to start a family. However, there are several factors that together influence the chances of success. Precise diagnostics and individual, tailor-made therapy are at the heart of the matter. With our medications – which have been used successfully for over 20 years – we want to support women and men in their desire to have children.

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In our biosimilars business, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and a wide-ranging portfolio. We want to expand existing, reliable production cooperation and enter into new partnerships to make this product group that depends on supply availability as widely accessible as possible. This is how we want to help create new financial maneuverability in the healthcare system.

What are biosimilars?

Understanding biosimilars means understanding biological agents

Biosimilars are less expensive alternatives to biologics, i.e. genetically engineered drugs that often significantly expand the range of treatment options, especially for serious diseases. While the drugs commonly used are made up of relatively simple molecular structures, biologics consist of proteins that have a complex structure and are produced with great effort through living organisms such as yeasts or bacteria.

Biosimilars can help relieve pressure on healthcare systems worldwide

Biosimilars were developed with the goal of making these important new treatments more widely available. According to an expert report by the Winterthur Institute for Health Economics (WIG), the increased use of biosimilars in Switzerland could significantly reduce drug costs for national health insurance. The potential savings are estimated to be up to 100 million Swiss francs over three years for six of the most important active ingredients.[1]

[1] Zürcher Hochschule Für Angewandte Wissenschaften – 200304-biosimilars-in-der-schweiz.pdf ( Retrieved 05/09/2023

How biosimilars differ from generic drugs

Generics and biosimilars are first and foremost alternatives to the drugs that were initially developed. While the active ingredients of a generic product are identical to those of the reference product to the greatest possible extent, biosimilars are similar but not identical. The reason is that they are alternatives to active ingredients, produced from living organisms. That is why they also go through a different approval process, to show that they have no clinically relevant deviations from the reference product in terms of safety, purity, and efficacy. The purpose of this trial is to prove that the effect of the biosimilar is comparable to the effect of the reference product.

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Established Products

Around 50 well-known and proven products form the solid basis of the new Organon company, including drugs that treat respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as products for opioid-free pain management.

In this focus area, we will work more closely with our business partners than before with the aim of identifying untapped potential. In the short term, for example, we will do this by using contemporary forms of communication, but also in the medium term by optimizing manufacturing processes and the supply chains.

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