Rebecca Lowell Edwards Chief Communications Officer

Rebecca Lowell Edwards

Chief Communications Officer

Becky is an accomplished communications executive with a track record of success in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. With a passion for narrative change, she has dedicated her career to fostering stakeholder engagement to achieve business and societal impact. This background suits her particularly well in her role as chief communications officer at Organon.

Becky’s career began in journalism, where at Dow Jones she moved from administrative assistant to reporter at The Wall Street Journal and then ultimately, the business side. Her career has taken her from the U.S. Northeast to London and Geneva for roles with GE and the International Olympic Committee, respectively. She has led global teams operating in more than 200 countries and, more recently, a team at the American Civil Liberties Union focused on defending democracy and civil rights. Her journey at some of the globe’s most iconic organizations has honed her ability to tell compelling stories that protect and enhance reputations.

She has a B.S. in humanities from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and an M.B.A. in media management from Fordham University. In her free time, Becky also works to advance education and skills training by serving on the boards of the Page Society and mentoring women of color.