Patient support programs

Looking for savings on your out-of-pocket costs?

Coupons for Organon products

Select Organon brands offer coupons to eligible, privately-insured patients to save on their out-of-pocket costs. To see if a coupon is available, please go to the product brand website. Coupons are not available for patients who are uninsured or patients with Medicare or other Government Program insurance. Other eligibility restrictions and Terms and Conditions apply.

Have a question about insurance coverage or financial assistance options?

About the program

Organon Access Program

The Organon Access Program may be able to help answer questions related to insurance coverage and financial assistance options for certain Organon products including questions about:

  • Insurance coverage for patients
  • Co-pay assistance for eligible patients
  • Referral to the Patient Assistance Program for eligibility determination (provided through the Merck Patient Assistance Program, Inc. on behalf of Organon, LLC through the Fall of 2021 and thereafter the Organon Patient Assistance Program, Inc.)

Unable to afford your prescription?

About the program

Patient Assistance Program

The Patient Assistance Program provides certain medicines free of charge to eligible individuals who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover their prescription Organon products.

Contact Organon Service Center

Have a question about our support programs or report an adverse event?

You can call this number 24/7 for any product-related emergency.

Regular hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET

For information about Organon’s products and services in the U.S., including the reporting of an Adverse Event or Product Quality Complaint with a specific Organon product, please call the Organon Service Center.