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Aspiring to help shape the fertility journey of the modern family

November 3, 2021

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Elisabeth Weis
Elisabeth Weis
Associate Vice President, Global Commercial Lead, Fertility

Spending time with my two adorable grandsons reminds me of the joy that couples, women, and other family members aspire to feel at the beginning of a fertility journey, as they imagine the reality of building a family. This time together also reminds me of the emotional and physical aspects of the journey that hopeful parents to be must navigate together. While the boys can’t join me on the job, their constant presence in my mind motivates me in my work every day: leading a team of people who aim to help others who experience infertility, an increasing problem for women and men around the world.

People living with infertility may feel alone and isolated in their experience. They very often face difficult
decisions along the way. During treatment, they may receive overwhelming amounts of information
about treatment choices and costs, while experiencing emotional and physical aspects of the journey.

I strongly believe that every couple and aspiring single parent, who is looking to start a family, should be offered support on their path, and I’m proud to work for a company that is committed to listening to understand what is important to aspiring parents on this journey. It is especially valuable for me to learn more about today’s modern family, which includes heterosexual couples, gay couples, and single parents. At Organon, we aspire to work with a broad range of healthcare providers including nurses and reproductive endocrinologists, advocacy groups, treatment centers, and others to provide women and men with relevant quality information to enable an informed dialogue about what the fertility journey entails. At the same time, we appreciate that the aspiring couple or single parent is mostly accompanied on their journey by so many others, beyond the care team, including family, friends, and other loved ones, and of course we need to acknowledge them, as well.

At Organon, our aspiration is to help people, who may be on the journey alone, seeking fertility treatment by focusing on these key areas:

  • Working with advocacy organizations, individual healthcare providers, and treatment centers to learn more about unmet needs and collaborate on creating educational resources future parents can use through every step of the fertility journey
  • Championing care equity by increasing access to our treatments as we work to reach more couples and women around the world
  • Collaborating with clinics and research institutions to drive innovation and solutions that meet the diverse needs of women and men
  • Elevating fertility education, with the goal of increasing awareness of treatment options and providing resources to help future parents along their fertility journey, including how to talk to their care teams and loved ones
  • And, of course, investment in our current fertility products and future opportunities to broaden our portfolio and identify new treatments, diagnostics, and devices built around patient needs

I’ll be the first to say that we don’t have all the answers. But as I think about my grandsons, and the joy that may seem out of reach to so many people, I am determined, with my team, to help navigate the fertility journey for others. We are passionate about what we do and we will continue to listen and
strive to help address the needs of future parents all over the world.